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Purplemet Cloud 1.16.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

April 10, 2023

Updates and new features

Purplemet Cloud 1.16.0 is now available! This new version features several updates and enhancements compared to the previous version, as described hereafter.

Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS)

Purplemet provides you the EPSS score for each detected CVE. You could know which CVEs are most likely to be exploited and prioritize your remediation efforts.

Purplemet Cloud EPSS

New API options

We added useful API options especially to get more information from web applications and technologies.

Purplemet Cloud API enhancement

Enhanced web application view

We're still adding more useful information in the web application view like the creation date and user of the web application.

Purplemet Cloud enhanced web application view

You can also directly browse a redirect link by clicking on it.

Purplemet Cloud enhanced web application view

New MFA option

You can now check in the users view if they have the MFA option enabled or not.