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Purplemet Cloud 1.6.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

July 15, 2020

Updates and new features

This release of Purplemet Cloud 1.6.0 includes updates and new features described in this article.

Vulnerable technologies overview

The web application analysis results now have a clear and quick overview of technologies with CVEs. These vulnerable technologies are displayed first in the table. With the help of our nice tooltip, you'll be able to see vulnerabilities organized by severity.

Purplemet Cloud vulnerable technologies overview

More detailed changes

Changes are now providing several priority levels: critical, medium, high, low, and informational. You could quickly spot the most relevant changes and also filter them by priority with the filter tabs. In your settings, email notifications may be enabled or disabled for any priority level.

Purplemet Cloud more detailed changes

Role Based Access Control

With Role Based Access Control (RBAC) availability, a new user can be created for a specific role (administrator, operator, or reader) with dedicated permissions.

Purplemet Cloud Role Based Access Control

CSV report

If you need to share your web application analyses results, the new CSV report generation feature will be helpful. For one or many web applications, you can generate and download a CSV report with all related data to technologies and issues.

Purplemet Cloud CSV report

Subscription notification

An email notification will be sent to you every time a subscription event occurs relative to your account.