Purplemet is one-of-a-kind web application security monitoring SaaS solution focused on what hackers may see and use across your web applications.
Purplemet is complementary to web application scanners enabling cyber hygiene on a URL portfolio while providing an additional list of vulnerabilities and technologies that makes Purplemet the fastest, most cost-effective, and the non-intrusive benchmark solution for web application security.

Companies with Web App Scanners

Closes gap on uncovered URLs that are out of scope for web scanning, covers blind period on infrequently scanned assets, and helps prioritize web applications that need to be scanned or pentested.

Companies without Web App Scanners

Allows those customers to cover their URL portfolio with an affordable solution.

Web Application Hosting Providers

Provides an analysis report on any of their hosted web applications for their end-customers.

Managed Security Service Providers

Adds a continuous web application monitoring service to their Security Operation Center or Vulnerability Management Service.