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Purplemet Cloud 1.13.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

June 16, 2022

Updates and new features

Purplemet Cloud 1.13.0 is now available! This new version features several updates and enhancements compared to the previous version, as described hereafter.

URL discovery

With this major new feature, Purplemet discovers for you the web applications linked to a specified domain name. Your web attack surface's awareness will be greatly improved and you will be able to identify more easily and analyse all newly discovered web applications.

Purplemet Cloud URL discovery

Web analysis preflight

Now when you add a new web application, you get its status instantly. The preflight provides you with the HTTP status code so you know if it is worth analyzing this web application.

Purplemet Cloud preflight request

Report enhancement

The web application security reports provide you more details about the vulnerability severity for each technology.

Purplemet Cloud report enhancement

Navigation sidebar

The navigation sidebar has been updated with new icons and a collapse feature which is really useful to have a full overview of the tables.

Purplemet Cloud navigation sidebar

License notification

When your licences will be almost consumed you will receive an email. It will be easier to manage your license and your subscription.

Tab hints

If you forgot the purpose of a specific tab, you can now easily see its description by moving your mouse over.