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Purplemet Cloud 1.18.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

September 21, 2023

Updates and new features

Purplemet Cloud 1.18.0 is now available! This new version features several updates and enhancements compared to the previous version, as described hereafter.

Remediation dashboards

The new dashboards provide you meaningful widgets for your remediation prioritization. You can directly view the most critical vulnerabilities which are likely to be exploited.

Purplemet Cloud dashboard

Domain coverage

Once your web attack surface is discovered you need to monitor the security of every web application. Now you can easily have the coverage status of your domains and ensure all your web applications are well analyzed over time.

Purplemet Cloud domain coverage

Purplemet Cloud domain coverage

Web application changes

You can now easily spot the latest changes on your web application as highlighted in the web application change history.

Purplemet Cloud highlighted changes

Domain changes

Previously only available for web applications, the Changes tab is now also available for your domain discoveries.

Purplemet Cloud domain changes

Analysis changes

You can now easily identify if changes have been detected during an analysis by checking the new Changes column available in the web application analysis history view.

Purplemet Cloud analysis changes

When clicking the analysis you can then review these changes using the dedicated Changes tab.

Purplemet Cloud analysis changes tab

New KEV count column

A new KEV column is available in the Web Applications view displaying how many CVEs impacting your web applications are known to be exploited in the wild.

Purplemet Cloud KEV column

Additional updates

  • Dynamically loaded pages are now detected and analyzed to provide you more details about your web application.
  • Improved tooltips are now available for the columns view.
  • The dashboard widgets can be manually refreshed.