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Purplemet Cloud 1.3.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

February 14, 2020

Updates and new features

This release of Purplemet Cloud 1.3.0 includes updates and new features described in this article.

Purplemet Cloud API

All Web Applications features are now available via our fresh new API. You can fully analyze and manage your web applications and results via API beautifully described with Swagger UI.

Purplemet Cloud API

Web application analysis scheduling

You can easily schedule all your web applications analyses and choose a daily or a weekly analysis to have an always up-to-date view of your web applications attack surface.

Purplemet Cloud web application analysis scheduling

URL redirections handling

URL redirections could be complex to follow and sometime can lead to security issues when you have a http URL inside the https redirection chain. With our graphical view of the redirection chain you'll be able to see how your web application redirection works.

Purplemet Cloud web application redirection handling