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Purplemet Cloud 1.4.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

April 13, 2020

Updates and new features

This release of Purplemet Cloud 1.4.0 includes updates and new features described in this article.

Change monitoring

Detecting changes in your web applications attack surface is critical to ensure an optimal vulnerability coverage. Now you can see all changes detected during an analysis such as new technology, new version or new CVE. You could also receive notifications by e-mail to get this information in real time.

Purplemet Cloud change monitoring

Interactive dashboard

The new dashboard provides you a quick overview of your web applications security updated in real time. The widgets are all interactive and you could easily access to filtered analyses or web applications.

Purplemet Cloud interactive dashboard

Security rating history

If you want to see your web application rating trend day by day, this new graphical widget will be really useful. You have this security rating heatmap available for each web application.

Purplemet Cloud web application security rating history

Detected technology location

After a web application analysis you can easily and quickly spot the URL of detected technologies.

Purplemet Cloud web application detected technology location

Datalist CSV export

You can export in CSV format all data provided in datalist such as web applications, technologies or security issues.

Purplemet Cloud datalist CSV export

Web applications mass import

This feature helps you to easily import hundreds of web application URLs listed in a file.

Purplemet Cloud web applications mass import