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Purplemet Cloud 1.7.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

October 26, 2020

Updates and new features

This release of Purplemet Cloud 1.7.0 includes updates and new features described in this article.

Technology latest version

Detected technologies are now provided along with their latest available version. These latest versions are released by respective software developers regardless of security releases. Detected versions will be highlighted once up-to-date or outdated.

Purplemet Cloud technology latest version

Technology end of life

Software developers typically provide a product lifecycle plan and then share end-of-life or end of support timelines for past and current versions. The end-of-life of a product is a critical security information since no more security patches will be released after that deadline. You can easily spot which technologies are end-of-life and which ones will become end-of-life.

Purplemet Cloud technology end of life

PDF and HTML report

Reporting has been greatly improved, you can now export your results as an HTML or a PDF report. These reports will help when you'll need to share results beyond your team.

Purplemet Cloud HTML and PDF report

Daily and weekly notification

Notification settings have been updated and allow you now to select a daily or weekly report instead of an email for each change detected on your web applications.

Purplemet Cloud daily and weekly notification

Rating history enhancement

Rating history widget has been improved and provides more details. You can click on it to directly access to the selected analysis.

Purplemet Cloud daily and weekly notification