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Purplemet Cloud 1.10.0 New Features

Purplemet Product

April 27, 2021

Updates and new features

Purplemet Cloud 1.10.0 is now available! This new version features several updates and enhancements compared to the previous version, as described hereafter.

HTTP security headers issues

Several HTTP headers can help you mitigate client-side attacks like Cross-Site Scripting. These HTTP security headers will then provide another layer of security as far as they're well configured. With this new security issue detection, you will know if your web applications have these security headers enabled.

Purplemet Cloud HTTP security headers issues

Certificate issues

Certificates are used in HTTPS to ensure a trusted and secure communication between the browser and the web application through SSL/TLS protocol. Issues in certificates can now be detected to help you provide trusted certificates.

Purplemet Cloud certificate issues

Web application vulnerability history

Thanks to this new chart in your web application view, you will now be able to observe the trend of vulnerabilities.

Purplemet Cloud API vulnerability history

Tags display and report

If needed the tags of your web applications can be displayed in a new dedicated column. The tags will also be available in the reports (HTML, PDF and CSV) and obviously in the CSV export of the web applications datalist.